Monday, October 13, 2008

gotcha day!

It's my Gotcha Day! My adoption has been finalized and my name has legally been changed! What a day we'll celebrate for the rest of my life!

Daddy taking me into my court appearance... (hopefully this is the last court appearance I ever have to make... ha!)

We waited for a little bit while the judge was getting my file ready, so why not snap a few pics?

Mommy & Daddy kept saying, "I'm gonna get'cha!" Here we go into the courtroom!
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  1. What a beautiful dress on such a beautiful girl on this beautiful day!! Happy Gotcha Day!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We are so pleased and happy!! She is officially Caroline Elizabeth Corbett. WELCOME!! to the Corbett family, Caroline. We are so thankful God chose you to belong to us.

    Love you all,

    Nanny & Papa

  3. Hey, congratulations! That said, I'm not sure who I'm congratulating: Marc and Amy for having "gotten" such a beautiful, wonderful daughter, or Caroline for having been "gotten by" such wonderful, loving parents! But, as far as "gotchas" go, I can't imagine anything more positive!