Monday, October 6, 2008

just like mommy part 1...

My Mamie sent me my first violin in the mail so that I can be just like my Mommy! You wanna hear something?

Well, first I have to rigorously study the instrument and make sure it's set-up to my exact qualifications. Oh, look how it lights up when I did pizzicato!? (for those of you NON-string players unlike MOI, ;-) that means to pluck the string)

A concert violinist must achieve perfect bow technique.

And we all know how important it is to hold the bow OVER our heads, don't we? :) To be continued...
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  1. Mommy, If I decide to throw it out the window and take up...lets say... needle point...don't be disappointed!!!

    My little one thinks getting on a stage and dancing is nuts. I breaks my heart as I gaze at my pointe shoes...and dream of putting her hair in a bun....