Tuesday, October 21, 2008

what i'm like...

At eight months:
-I wiggle around on my changing table and don't want to stay on my back (unless maybe I have something in my hand to play with)
-I hold my arms out a little to help Mommy get me out of my highchair & carseat
-I take two naps a day and sleep 12 hours straight! (no more 11:00pm bottle!)
-I want to practice STANDING and taking steps!

-One of my favorite toys is my soft "O" ring (funny, huh?), but I also like things you can bang together like measuring spoons, etc.
-I'm getting around the room & exploring (it may not be a pretty crawl yet, but hey- it gets me where I want to go). I will be pulling up on things any day now.
-I just started liking "lift the flap" books!
-I like to get on all fours and rock back and forth
-I'll say "MAMAMAMAMAMA" or "BAABAABAABAA" loud and monotone, usually as I'm eating in my highchair
-In stores, I sit up in the front of shopping carts and enjoy getting pushed around and looking at people. I'm figuring out that I can grab things, too...

-I'm fascinated with other people's hand gestures (like waving hello or goodbye), and watching CARS
-I love music, but I will cry INSTANTLY if Mommy or Daddy sing a "sad" song (pouty face followed by weeping, and always when Daddy sings Johnny Cash's song "Ira Hayes" for some reason...)
-If I do NOT like something, I will let you know by shrilling (except like right now when I've got laryngitis from getting over this cold, so when I try to shrill, nothing comes out but air!! Mommy & Daddy took me out to a restaurant last night and I was "quiet"!! yay!) :)
-I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but still don't like any meats! yuck! And if the bites are too big, yep- I'll gag.

-I will turn and look at you when you talk.
-I love the crunchy sound when Mommy eats a salad or toast! :)
-I am a total delight to my parents.
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  1. Just seeing you Caroline, you are a total delight to your Nanny & Papa too. Can't wait to see you and get a sweet hug & kiss. The pics are great.

    Love you all,

    Nanny & Papa