Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hey! I'm all ready for church today! Would you believe that now that Daddy & I are feeling better, MOMMY'S come down with our cold! :( Oh, and I have really picked up on the babbling today! BLABLABLABLABLA....

But it didn't stop us from enjoying a family trip up to the Blue Ridge Parkway after church!

We had a fun picnic lunch together.

The fall here is GORGEOUS! Coming from Lubbock, we never knew that trees could come in so many shades & colors! :) Mommy loved all the RED in the trees!

And all of this is 45 minutes from our HOUSE?!?
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  1. Beautiful colors! And look at all those teeth! Goodness.

  2. LOVE IT!!

    And CRYING at your joy. Thank God for MEGAN! And thank God for Caroline!!

    I totally remember you and I kept your information POSTED to a) keep my eyes open for a birth mom for you; and b) to PRAY for you.

    THANK YOU for sharing this amazing, amazing news with me, Amy!! You have a precious daughter, as I KNOW you know.

    Love and blessings,
    Tara B.

  3. I'm so glad you guys still went! Hope you're feeling better soon, Amy! It was SOOOOOO good to see you guys!

  4. What a beautiful place to live. I hope y'all are getting settled in.