Saturday, October 11, 2008

stonewall & jackie...

Some of you might remember that for the 2 months I lived in Lubbock, our family had a cat named Jackie that we placed for adoption to one of our RUF gals! (Mommy & Daddy figured they could only take one of us to Virginia with them... I'd say it was a pretty good trade!)

And even before THAT, long before I was born, Mommy & Daddy also had Jackie's brother, Stonewall, (yes, Stonewall & Jackie...) and it was only natural that we placed Stonewall in a loving home with former neighbors, and original "birthparents" Loyd & Ruth. Stonewall & Jackie were born at their house, and Stonewall really never got the idea that he lived at our place two doors down anyways...

Loyd & Ruth were such sweet neighbors to Mommy & Daddy for many years and really took us in as part of their family. When Ruth had a bad stroke a few years ago that left her mostly paralyzed and took much of her mental quickness, it then became our family's turn to serve them. And they love me so much that now I, Caroline Corbett, officially declare I'm adopting THEM as unofficial grandparents!

Whew! With a schedule like they've got me on around here, you've gotta catch some zzz's when you can...
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  1. Hey,
    It's good to see Ruth and LLoyd. Give them our love. Sure would like to see them in person. Caroline is soooo cute. We love you all.

    Nanny & Papa