Friday, October 17, 2008

how God works...

Meet Nathalee. Without her, I wouldn't be here. You see, sometime early last year, Nathalee sat across the table from Mommy (they met through Mommy's friend, Anne, pictured below) and told her about the awesomeness of open adoption! Nathalee has 4 adopted children (ages 12 down to 2!) and 3 of the 4 are open adoptions! She was instrumental in helping Mommy understand the realities of open adoption and helped ease so many irrational fears that most couples naturally have about it.

Mommy remembers feeling so hopeless about our family and wondering where I was going to come from, and Nathalee told her, "Amy, you believe in a sovereign God! Tell everyone you know that you and Marc are looking to adopt, and pray that He will bring you a child." Of course, at the time, Mommy doubted that this would happen like it had happened three times for Nathalie without an adoption agency!, but nonetheless, Mommy & Daddy told everyone they knew and set about praying.

And wouldn't you know, just a few months later, Mommy & Daddy found out about and met a girl named Megan...

And long before Mommy ever met Nathalee, God was developing a sweet friendship with Mommy's BSF leader at the time, Anne. (who walked alongside Mommy & Daddy through the ups and downs of infertility) It is so amazing how God had a special plan for our family even when Mommy & Daddy were going through times of darkness and doubt! In fact, He was using those very times and people to lead them to ME! :)

In the hospital after my birth, Mommy gave birthmommy Megan the same bracelet that she wore on my Gotcha Day last week. It's a little reminder of how God worked to weave the lives of Mommy, Daddy, Megan, and me together in His beautiful plan.

Okay, enough of all of the mushy-gushy stuff, I think I've got my first cold... :-(
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  1. Get a vaporizer and put it in her room with a liquid decongestant (like vicks vaporrub). That will help her. If no improvement, she might need to visit the Dr. We are praying for you Caroline, poor baby.

    Love you

    Nanny & Papa