Saturday, October 18, 2008

"happy" 8 months...

I'm 8 months old today, but it's not quite so happy because I've come down with my first cold, guys. I had a really rough night last night, too, and Mommy and Daddy just wanted to cry seeing me feel so bad. They were up several times with me, giving me cold water to drink, Tylenol to help my 100 degree fever, wiping my nose with a warm cloth, rocking me, singing to me, and doing everything they could to make me feel not so miserable. This morning, though, I don't have any fever and I seem to be doing a little better. I have been sleeping more during the last 2 days, too, so that has helped.

But like I say, even if you're sick, why not still have a little fun? I mean, you can always play "peek-a-boo" with yourself over and over!


I love this game for a sick day.

So here's to 8 months!... and to feeling better soon...
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