Thursday, November 8, 2012

finding the right words...

I never knew how beautiful it truly is to be a parent.  It's crazy hard.  And downright unbelievable.

To watch this helpless crying bundle of cuteness slowly grow and transform
into a little girl with ideas and love in her heart.

It blows me away.

I love being there to guide her, to watch this love of mine slowly mature over the long haul.

I have no idea why, but she's always been ahead of her game in the language department.
Speaking ridiculously complex words and sentences as a toddler with such a sharp clarity that strangers couldn't help but take notice.  Reading and spelling at the youngest of age.  She's always been captured by books and reading and singing.... anything to quench the desire for WORDS.

And now this little language explosion is taking on the form of writing.

Those words are coming out on paper.

All the time.  All over my house.

I LOVE it.

Seriously, if this girl spots a blank paper in the house, it's only a matter of time...

I took a few pictures to show you.

This was "a song I wrote, Mommy."  (Definitely a chart-topper, don't you think?)

I love you, Lord.  I love you  (with a repeat sign, please notice...)  ha!
I am not nice.  Was I nice?  Yes.  (another repeat sign)
I am next.
I love that (repeat that line)
We are gnats.  
I don't like
nats are bad.  Not loving you.

It's notes like these I need to keep and pull out in the teenage years:

From CC  (her nickname)
To Mom
I love you
I care for you
and Daddy
Anna is nice

And I love the little informative ditties I find laying out sporadically in my kitchen.  :)

This one says:

Hey Mom I am going to play with my teaset.
I am going to play tea.

Thank you for that.

All of the blank pages in the world wouldn't be enough to hold the words
of how much I love her.
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