Wednesday, November 14, 2012

five days...

Another exhausting, but exciting, day of readying for our baby boy.  We are getting there!

Placement is now scheduled for Monday morning at the agency!, but due to the small room we'll be in, I am extremely limited in inviting guests for that.  But no worries- you'll definitely be seeing pictures.  Basically, the foster family that he's with will bring him and we'll have a special moment where he is placed in our arms.  I've only seen 5 pictures of him total thus far and never met him.  It's going to be unreal.

It sounds like the birthparents are doing as well as can be expected with the loss, and still believe it is best for Jameson to be placed with us.   They have expressed that they do want to meet us, but that right now is just too painful.  We understand, so we are praying that their hearts will be comforted in this time.  In my joy, I must never forget that adoption is always born out of loss.  There is a woman who just endured the pains of childbirth on MY behalf.

And she's never seen me.

How amazing is that?!

Nevertheless, we are encouraged that they seem to have moved in the direction toward having at least a small measure of contact with us through the agency.

With placement right around the corner, here were a few highlights of the day...

Caroline's first teeth cleaning was this morning!

Trying out "Mr. Thirsty."

She did great.  Wasn't scared at all.

She said she especially liked the funny noises that the polisher made.

All clean!

Then it was work, work, work for Mommy and Daddy, and Caroline had a few projects today, too...

Stopping for a few minutes to do some last minute adoption paperwork and respond to a few messages.  Correspondence during this past week has literally been a full time job.  Please forgive me if I haven't gotten back to you!!

Thankful for more students and helpers who came through our house today, entertaining Caroline...

hanging shelves...

and making signs.

Only five more days!  We can't WAIT!
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  1. Caroline, I am so proud of you. Trip to Dentist, such a big girl! Can't wait to see you and Baby Brother Jameson. Love Ya,