Friday, November 16, 2012

three days left...

And we're closer than ever.

Today was another big workday around our home.

Help from our church family and RUF students giving so graciously of their time.  This could NOT have happened without them- I can't say thank you enough!

Cleaning.  Hanging.  Washing.  Folding.  Sorting.  Cleaning.
I don't think my washer and dryer stopped once today.
And they're still going.

But we're getting there.  And with things slowing down, we are looking forward to a "family day" tomorrow together.  After this crazy week of mayhem, (not to mention next week's crazy mayhem!) the three of us need it.

With the exception of a few details, (like our window treatment) the nursery is just about FINISHED!  I walk in the room in amazement at how quickly it pulled together.  Who needs nine months, anyway?  ;)

But I'm afraid right now between the exhaustion and the excitement, the exhaustion is taking over.  (which is why we need a couple of slower days before baby comes!)  Now don't get me wrong, I am beyond excited!  But there's hardly time to think about it with all that's left to knock off the to-do list before Monday morning.  And then it will be a different kind of exhaustion!  :)

The adoption roller coaster is so thrilling!  What a ride it has been.

Tomorrow (Saturday) happens to be National Adoption Day.  (Go figure, huh?)  So let me just throw this thought out there.... being pro-life is certainly a hot issue at the ballot box about every two years or so.  But may I lovingly encourage YOU to practice being pro-life through adoption!  You see, many times it's less about finding out where you "stand" on an issue, and more about actively loving REAL people.

Let's argue a little less and LOVE a little more.  That's all I'm saying.

There is just no better picture of the Gospel than adoption.  The fact that God chose me and loved me before I was ever born (and not because of any good that I have done), and He took me into HIS family to be HIS daughter??  Oh, I pray that my sweet children, Caroline and now Jameson, will see their own adoptions into our family as a beautiful portrait of how God lovingly takes us each into His own.  Adoption is God's Plan A.

Three more days!
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  1. So thrilled for you all! I wish I could see the look on Caroline's face when she first sees and gets to hold Jameson! The place looks incredible! But more importantly is the way God has prepared your hearts and filled them to overflowing with love for this little boy. We love you all and love the reflection of Jesus we see in your family! Hurry Monday!

  2. It is an adjustment but, I believe that everything in life is a skill. You will teach Caroline to be a big sister and she will pick it right up <3 There will be some humps and bumps but remember, the kids will remember the best times, so be sure there are plenty of them :)

  3. YAAAAAY! It looks AMAZING!!! :)