Monday, November 12, 2012

because you asked...

6 more days!

Things continue to go as expected, and if all goes well, we will bring Jameson home Monday morning.  We are beyond excited-- so much so that I'm not sleeping at night!!-- and exhausted.  Soooo much to do before Monday.  You understand.   I don't know what we would do without our dear friends and students coming to help us each day.

Some of you have asked about helping us out financially for this adoption.

Let me just say, the best way you can help fund this adoption is to give a donation (or become a monthly supporter)  towards our RUF ministry here in Lynchburg:  We have students from 5 college campuses involved in our ministry, and it's amazing, if I do say so myself.  Many of you may or may not know that my husband, Marc, is the campus minister for Reformed University Fellowhip, and the way our family survives is by raising support. (similar to missionaries)

So, our RUF account (not our personal account) has recently dipped down to only $1,000 in the bank, (yikes!) and we are in desperate need of faithful, monthly supporters and year end gifts (hello tax deductions).  Any one-time gift is helpful, but our greatest need is to get this ministry sustained so we don't keep running into a deficit while Marc's busy doing ministry.  Or being a daddy.  You understand.

SO, the best way you can help fund Jameson coming home is to keep his Daddy employed and give to RUF.  :)  That puts food on our table...

I am beyond thankful to the Lord for all He is doing.  Perhaps I'll get to sit still for a few moments before Monday to reflect and share with you all that is upon my heart.  But right now it's all go, go, GO.

Thank you, thank you for rejoicing with us.  I wish I had the time to respond to all of your texts, messages, and comments.  We have absolutely LOVED hearing from so many of you.

Now off to hit the sack...

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