Thursday, November 15, 2012

team jameson...

Four days left!

The highlight of today was most definitely the "Baby Boy Blue Bash" our RUF students hosted for us tonight after RUF.

Complete with blue-sprinkled cupcakes- yay!

Meet Katie (on the right).  She's the sweet one who threw all of this together for us.

Meet Casey, the crafting queen.  She found the cool wall design for the nursery, and she made a mobile to hang over the crib that goes with the room!

One week ago at our last RUF meeting, we all had NO idea we'd be celebrating at a BABY shower this week!   And... for a baby we're getting in just FOUR DAYS!

And of all the nights to come to RUF for the first time, this student is from HAITI!!  (Jameson is half Haitian...)  So great.

We love, love, LOVE these students.  And Jameson, they are eager and ready to love on YOU!

Go Team Jameson!
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  1. That is so sweet! Counting down the days with you!

  2. i am loving these daily updates!! and, your students are amazing! someone has obviously taught them how to love people well :). sooooo thrilled for you all!