Monday, November 26, 2012

james john...

There is another someone special in our family you simply must meet.

He was given to Caroline by her aunt Sharon and cousin Laura the night before baby Jameson came to our family.

Here he is.

Caroline affectionately named this, her baby, "James John."

James John, as you can see, has a striking resemblance (and size) to Jameson.

So while Mommy and Daddy fuss over baby Jameson, Caroline has her own baby to fuss over.  It works quite nicely.  Plus, baby Jameson doesn't only need to see white faces around this house, does he?  :)

James John taking his turn in the swing.

Jameson taking his turn in the swing.

It creeped Mommy out when she saw this one, because from her peripheral vision, Mommy thought it was Jameson in the bouncy!  ha ha!

But no.  This is the real deal.

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  1. wow! there is an eerie similarity and i'd probably flip out too if i saw doll/child/doll (?) in the baby swing. so glad caroline has someone to "mother" :-)

  2. Love the baseball lovey! Hope he loves it!

  3. You're right! He is smaller than the doll! Sweet baby.