Thursday, November 1, 2012

here comes the bride...

...all dressed in white.  Yes, my sweet little gal decided she was going to be a bride for Halloween this year.  With a little sewing help from my seamstress friend at church, we got this gal ready to walk down the aisle, uh, neighborhood.

I do think 4 is a little young to take bridal portraits, but what do I know?  :)  It was her first time wearing make-up, which she LOVED.  I have a feeling this picture will be pulled out again in about 20 years... (or 30 years, if Daddy has his way... he he)

"I'm goin' to the chapel and I'm... gonna get married!"

This was Caroline and her best friend, Leah, at Halloween last year.

And here they are this year.  They've done alot of growing up!

Hard to believe this was their 5th Halloween together!

Leah invited Caroline out to the farm for a quick family visit, and then they came back to our place for dinner. These two were so giddy.  Practically sisters, I'd say.

Then it was time to go trick-or-treating!  (and just for the record, this year it was clearly Trick OR Treats, not "Tricker" Treats anymore... anyone remember that?)

These gals were in heaven.  Look at the anticipation as they waited for someone to come to the door!

Then off to the next house!   Look!  It's a runaway bride!

After it was all over, the fun part was dividing up the spoils and having a tasting party with Mommy and Daddy.

Twirling her bridal gown.

My sleepy, beautiful bride before she said her goodnights.

Happy Halloween!
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  1. LOVE the picture of them running!

  2. And I can't believe this is their 5th Halloween! WOW!