Sunday, November 11, 2012

little do YOU know...

Oh sweet Jameson,

You are alive!  And you have a name!  And assuming your birthmother and birthfather stick with their decision for us to be your forever family, it's only a matter of days before you come home.

Little do you know how much joy your short, new life has brought into our family.  After I told Daddy and Caroline about you, I had the afterthought to snap this picture to remember the moment.  You'll never know how excited your big sister got upon hearing about you.  She is SO ready to hold you and help take care of you.

Little do you know the excitement you are bringing to our friends and family as they hear the news, and the hosts of people that are praising God because of your birth.  I can't wrap my mind around all that's happening right now!

Tonight you lay sleeping soundly.  (well, we hope so, anyways...) in the home of your godparents. (These are licensed grandparent-types who serve as foster families for our agency's new babies during the waiting period before placement.)

You are just miles away from me, and we are furiously getting ready for you to come home.

Your birthmom is many more miles from you now, and she is enduring the pangs of deep grief more deeply than she expected.  I don't know her, Jameson, but I know something about her already.

She loves you so, SO much.

She wants so much for you, so much that she even knows she can't give to you.  While every emotion and physical hormone within her is YEARNING to be with you, she is entering into this loss with your best in mind, not hers.  No mother wants to lose her child.

Tonight as you are crying for a bottle, she is crying for you.

So we are praying for your birth family continuously.  Their weeping is our rejoicing.  Adoption is crazy beautiful that way.  It brings life out of death.  Redemption out of brokenness.

But little do you know.

Little do you know what an ARMY of people are assembling to help prepare for your arrival.  Students and church friends are already dropping in offering their time and help.

And so is your big sister!  She is being a GREAT helper already.  Caroline is so excited to give you her room and move into her new big girl room.

Little do you know all that is coming together for you.  People are already buying you presents so we'll be ready to clothe you.  Students came today and raked up all of our leaves.  Aren't they amazing?

Little do you know the outpouring of love that is being shown for you before any of us have ever MET you.  We love you already.

And little do you know that you have been hand selected by your heavenly Father
who has called you by name.

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you;    I have called you by name, you are mine..."  (Isaiah 43:1)

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  1. Here I am, weeping all over again. WHAT JOY! Praising God with you!

  2. Can't wait to meet Jameson David Corbett. Bringing gifts from afar. Love ya and praying it will be soon.