Saturday, November 17, 2012

today we are three...

Today we are three.

And it won't be long now until we are a family of four.  (About 36 hours from now, actually.  WOW.)

I guess you could say we're now "ready."  Or as ready as one can be to tackle sleepless nights and years of changing diapers again, I suppose.  :)

The roman shade has been hung, officially "completing" the nursery.  (it was a shower curtain I found at Target, and a sweet friend at church worked her amazing sewing magic on it for me!  Doesn't it look great?)

Caroline is getting settled into her new and larger "big girl" room.

She's got lots more space to play now.

Aaaand, the car seat is in the car!  (now that made it really sink in for all of us.  So exciting!)

Today, a $10,000 check for an interest-free adoption loan came in the mail.  (What a HUGE blessing to us!  Thank you, Abba Fund!)

And now that everything is done, today it was time to slow down.  And take it all in.

Today we were three.  It's been almost five years with just the three of us, and oh, they have been more precious than words can ever express.  (I'm crying now...)

This chapter of our lives was simultaneously THE greatest years of our lives as well as the most painful, too.

Because of this little gal in my life, I am not the same.

I want to soak up the last few minutes of our time alone with her, before another enters our home and rocks her world...

And speaking of rocking her world, he's not even here yet and it's already begun.  Please pray for my sweet Caroline, who is obviously being challenged with SO many changes and adjustments all at once.   The world must feel upside down to her right now.  It's hard as a mama to see her like this.  We've had some tough days.  It's understandable.  But difficult.

Pray that I would have patience, understanding, and gracious speech towards my baby girl when she acts out.  And pray for her little heart as she adjusts from being an only child to a big sister.  She's beyond excited about Jameson coming.  But overwhelmed, too.  (much like we feel!)

Today we are three.

But very soon, he will make us four.
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  1. praying and praying, so glad y'all had some family fun time today. keep it up! good job savoring the "now" and gearing up for the big transition!

  2. I'm so happy for you all! You are making me want to have a baby!!!!!

    I think C will need some arts and craft dates in the future. :)

    Now, I'm going to prove I'm not a robot so I can post this. :)