Thursday, November 22, 2012

meet the fam...


A day of family.

A day of wrestling in the backyard.

And this year, Jameson, it was a day to meet your South Carolina extended family.  They were all so, SO eager and excited to meet you!  (and you did great traveling in the car!)

Jameson, meet your Papa.

And your cousin, Follin.

And your five cousins!  They were especially excited to meet you, little one!
Everyone can't believe how tiny you are!

Aunt Cammie didn't want to let you go.
She was ready to take you home with her!  :)

Jameson, everyone in the family thinks you look like your handsome cousin, Julius.

Sweet Jasmine loves you already.

We all couldn't stop staring at you.  I know I am in love.

And of course, this gal still can't get enough of you.  :)

This family is crazy about you, sweet boy.
You have no idea...
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  1. beautiful day of rejoicing and happy introductions!!