Friday, March 14, 2008

the big riddle (of sorts)...

How do you take a house full of stuff, a two-month old baby, two cars, and a cat that hates traveling to the vet across town, and move them ALL (plus us) from Lubbock, Texas, to Lynchburg, Virginia, for $5,000 or less?!?

We are working on our own ideas, but experienced movers, please leave us your comments...

Oh Mom and Dad, y'all are making me sleepy... (by the way, she makes the CUTEST sound sometimes when she yawns! It's our favorite sound!)

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  1. I say Jackie should drive the truck. Just don't let her lead...

  2. It's possible. Nicole and I did it back in '02, but gas prices were much less. We took your exact path because we had to go through Lburg to Charlotte to pick up more stuff.

    We bought a new house! We'll be posting pictures soon.

  3. You use ABF! Steve and I used them to move from Lubbock to Milwaukee, and including a month of storage, it was around $2500. Sell one of your cars (we did that too!) and your cat...haha!

    Good luck!