Monday, March 31, 2008

bye, bye Daddy!

Well, Mommy's happy to report that after all of that crying last night, I slept for a whopping 5 1/2 hours straight!! (longest stretch yet) I was exhasuted, let me tell ya! And Daddy and Mommy cried saying goodbye to each other & to me, and Daddy is off towards Virginia! (although when Mommy last talked to him, he was facing high winds in the Amarillo area... and he's headed towards severe thunderstorms in OK City!)

But I thought I'd give him a little smile to take with him while he's away... :) And so far, I've been a perfect angel for Mommy today.
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  1. AWWWWW... I dont think I can tell they love each other!!!! lol yea right. TOO CUTE YOU GUYS!!