Tuesday, March 18, 2008


SO, after losing alot of sleep going through my mental check-list for traveling with an infant, Marc & I were rushing to get out of the door, and we get a phone call telling us our flights have been cancelled today & we can't get out until tomorrow. Apparently there is a huge band of severe thunderstorms across the country & it's dangerous to fly today. Thankfully we're at home & not stranded at the Houston airport or something, so today we ended up having a free day!

And I don't think Caroline minds too much...

But Nanny & Papa, we're gonna get out there one way or another, I promise! (pray for better weather tomorrow, as it looks like the storms will be in the Carolina's where we're headed!)

And until then, I'm gonna enjoy the beautiful handmade blanket that Miss Pat brought to me today! (Thank you!)
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  1. Girl, be glad you are home. The storms here have been terrible today - we probably have received about four inches of rain!