Wednesday, March 26, 2008

meeting great-grandma & grandpa!

It's so great that alot of our extended family has now moved to Raleigh, NC, because it gave Mommy & Daddy a chance to let me meet them before we flew back home to Texas yesterday! I loved getting to meet my Aunt Susie & cousin Darla...

And my Great-Grandma & Grandpa Barnett! What a treat! They told me that I am their 8th great-grandchild!

Grandpa started singing an old barbershop quartet song about "sweet Caroline." I was so happy I could meet all of them for lunch before we went to the airport to fly back to Texas!

On the airplane, I loved snoozing in Daddy's arms while he took a nap, too. Mommy thought I looked precious & had to snap a picture. (of course!) I was on my best behavior, but on the very last descent into Lubbock, my ears started hurting, and I didn't seem to understand that sucking on my "paci" ("paa- see," aka. pacifier) or drinking out of my bottle would help that, so I just decided to cry for awhile & give Daddy & Mommy practice in calming me down... :) But now I'm getting settled in back at home in Lubbock and wondering where all these people went & why I'm not being passed around & bounced & held quite as much?!?
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