Thursday, March 6, 2008

my little trick...

So, I got all dolled up today & Mommy started snapping SO many pictures of me!

But when Daddy changed my diaper today, I kinda had an accident. You see, I have a little trick I pull on Daddy-- I always save my biggest diaper problems for him. Mommy usually just gets an easy diaper change, but when it's Daddy's turn, I like to see how many bodily functions I can perform at one time WHILE he's changing me! It's so fun to see him squirm! ha ha!

So here I am after Mommy changed my clothes, looking as sweet & innocent as ever...

having fun on my changing table! Until next time, Daddy!
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  1. awww my babygirl looks so gorgeous!!! And hahahahahaha our evil plan we devised in the hospital is working perfectly lol!!!! Sorry Marc, but girls gotta stick together... hehehehe

  2. :-) Kate knows that same trick, only her daddy is spared most of the time...mommy changes most of her diapers!!