Tuesday, March 11, 2008

in between hiccups...

Well, when I'm not eating or hiccup-ing, I'm usually a beautiful sleeping princess.

Sweet girl... can't you already see her changing and growing? It's crazy!

"My Prince did come... His name is Daddy" (Caroline, may this be your motto for the next 25 years...) :)

Um, so I'm guessing that when their toes start curling up in their outfits & they can't "stretch out" all the way, then this outfit is almost retired?!? At 3 weeks?!?
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  1. OMG she has grown up so much, she is getting so big its crazy... but she is getting even more gorgeous by the day... cant wait to see her next month!!

    BTW I totally love the pillow!!! Hilarious but adorable!!