Thursday, March 13, 2008

shopping date...

So I decided today we would have a GIRLS ONLY shopping time. (sounds fun, but that really just means I'd attempt a trip to Target with Caroline) It was my first time out with her alone, so of course I was so nervous thinking about everything EXCEPT remembering to take the diaper bag with me... :) Fortunately, she slept the entire time, so there was no need for an emergency bottle or change of diaper. But in my absent-mindedness, I walked right out of Target without my bag of purchases! So the poor Target guy comes running outside after me yelling "Maam? Maam!" and hands me my stuff! So, Miss Caroline, Mommy promises she'll get better and we'll have many more successful shopping dates ahead of us. :)

Okay, is this not SO cute or what?!
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  1. Oh Ames - I laughed when I read this. My first trip out solo with E was to Target, too. Hey, a girl's gotta start somewhere. E is now a champion shopper. It will get easier, I promise! You still take some stuff with you when they're toddlers, but it DOES get easier, and you get much more used to it! :-) Hang in there...

  2. Haha! I can picture it. Way to go Amy! (Even though you made that poor guy run out...)

    And the pics are precious, as usual!

  3. Hilarious!! You were just lucky me and her made a deal to take it easy on you or it could of been a very tramatiic experience lol jkjk. You poor thing though it will get better!! I trust you!! lol