Friday, March 28, 2008

a word from caroline...

Let's see... well, first of all, Papa, I'm glad you're alright and that the surgery went well yesterday. I'm also glad you liked the balloons I sent to your hospital room! Get better soon!

And can you believe I'm already wearing 3 month clothes & I'm only a little over a month old? My hair is growing in more and people are telling me that I'm already looking different! Even my birthmommy Megan is amazed at how fast I''m growing from these pictures. You see, I'm still eating alot so that when I see her in a few weeks, she'll think that I'm a big girl! he he

And I'm definitely already a Daddy's girl... but I'm gonna miss him so much next week when he goes to Virginia! Me and Mommy are going to have lots of girl-time together. And Pop & Mamie are coming to visit me next weekend! I can't wait to show them how much I've grown since they last saw me!

Mommy wants to tell everybody thank you for keeping up with my life and continuing to pray for me and for her & Daddy. I think they've got alot going on right now between taking care of me and trying to move in about a month, so I'm trying my best to go somewhat easy on them right now... well, most of the time....
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  1. Mommy Megan is so ready to come see you babygirl!!

  2. You guys move in a month??? We'll be there Mother's Day weekend. I'd love to see you then (if you're there).