Wednesday, March 12, 2008

random thoughts from mommy...

- So far, being a new mom to Caroline has been "easier" than I expected. Don't get me wrong- I'm sleep deprived and totally scheduled by a 9 pound bundle of cries and coos, but compared to what I had expected, there is alot more joy, and I think that's what keeps us going when it gets a little tough.

- Speaking of sleep, everyone seems to be asking if we're getting any. Well, she sleeps for 3-4 hours at a time, (normal for her age) so generally I take the 2-3am shift of feeding & diapering, and Marc is kind enough to take the 5-6am shift. We both feel alot better physically than we anticipated we would at this point. (And we realize that can change at any moment, too...) :)

- Some favorite things to do with her so far at 3 weeks: Marc turns on Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" fairly loud & dances with her at least once a day, :) I tell her the list of people that love her in our family, we like to sing songs together and read stories. We are also working on a special children's book that will tell her the story of how God brought her into our family. We want her to know from the very beginning how loved she has been since before her birth, how much Megan and Mommy & Daddy loved her and have always wanted the best for her, and how God had a special plan all along for her to be in our family.

- Speaking of Megan, she has given me permission to put a link to a new blog that she has just started! You can read how she is doing & feeling about the adoption from her first entry, as well as see pictures of Brayden, who is Caroline's full sibling. Praise Jesus for His continued goodness to both us AND Megan.

- We are amazed at the depth of our love for this sweet little girl. Though she didn't come out of my womb, she is nonetheless mine. We love her so much. I think people wonder if you feel the same way about adopted children as you do about your biological children. Obviously I have nothing to compare it to, but oh, I just can't imagine loving any other more. She is the most wonderful gift from God and we just cry with joy when we look at her.

"I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever; with my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness to all generations." -Psalm 89:1
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  1. Ames - that photo of you and Caroline makes me cry every time I look at it. PRAISE GOD for his wonderful gifts!

    And aren't little girls the BEST?

    Love, Amy

  2. Reading about your journey thus far makes me cry with joy for how gracious God is, and with love for you three! I also enjoy relating with you as parents! I'm so excited that you get to go through all the ups and downs that IS parenting!! We love you guys!! Thank you for staying on top of the blog for us all!