Saturday, December 27, 2008

christmas and adoption...

We made it back home yesterday safe and sound in one piece, and we'll be back to pictures soon enough, I'm sure... :)

But I (Amy) couldn't pass up the opportunity to pass along this article: "Every Year a New Baby-- and More Joy" & 2 minute audio slideshow.

Wow! This is a family who lives out the Gospel and understands how completely upside-down it really is from the middle-class American dream. I'm ashamed to watch the slideshow & find myself thinking, "ugh, who wants to eat on paper plates at CHRISTMAS? I would go crazy living under THOSE conditions and having to deal with all of that.." And then it hits me-- I remember that the KING of all the universe was born in a feeding trough for ANIMALS and suffered under far WORSE conditions, and suddenly I can see my "American idols" of comfort, safety, wealth & materialism shining through and blurring what is truly important in life.

So if it means you eat pizza on paper plates for Christmas, but there's a home filled with children and guests from all walks of life who are experiencing the same kind of radical love that we have experienced ourselves, isn't that what we who are Christians should desire more? Isn't that the very point of Jesus' incarnation? Isn't that why many of us feel so empty on Christmas? "[We] finally stop working and realize there's nothing there," as this woman so insightfully shares.

Hope it is a blessing to you as it was to me this morning! I am thankful for this family and for my own brother and sister-in-law who are doing a similar thing! (Thank you, Tara Barthel - whose blog I am addicted to, for sharing this article.)

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