Friday, December 19, 2008

deck the halls...

Although it's pretty simple, we've got a few Christmas touches around our house...

But more than decking the halls, THIS is what we want out of Christmas this year...

as we remember that Christmas isn't just about giving gifts to our sweet little baby, but about THE baby who came to earth to give us the ultimate gift. That baby had no warm crib, a house full of toys, or even a pair of warm pajamas.

But he, the King over all creation, came in poverty as a little baby like me, and lived a life completely free from any running around like crazy, shop-a-holism, addictions, gluttony, pride & arrogance, people-pleasing, materialism & greed, overcommittedness, hectic scheduling, etc., (can you even imagine such a life?!) and then he gifts us with THAT very life and righteousness to we who believe.

So this Christmas, we're thankful for TWO babies. :)
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  1. Very eloquently said! And a great reminder. I've loved looking at your pics, esp w/ Megan! Praying that someday we'll have such joyous reunions w/ our Megan!