Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hey guys. I'm sick. It's been a really rough week for me being sick and traveling. I started giving signs to everybody by pulling my ears, making snorting sounds & letting out lots of dark snot, and screaming so hard in pain that Daddy knew just what to do with me yesterday: take me to a doctor. And sure enough- I've got my first sinus infection! So I'm starting on my first antibiotic and a steroid to clear up my chest congestion. I'm also bummed because I was supposed to go over and see Mommy's old friends from college today and meet a new friend, Anabel, but now I can't... I think it's best that I just stay around Pop & Mamie's house and try to get better. More later...
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  1. Hey Caroline,

    Nanny & Papa is so sorry you are sick. I hope you will get better real soon. We look forward to seeing you before too long. Have a safe trip back home on Monday. Drink plenty of liquids and take care of mommy & daddy.

    We love you,

    Nanny & Papa

  2. Caroline - we are so sorry we didn't get to see you today. Elizabeth is really sick, too, with a bad ear infection...rough times! Feel better soon and hug Mommy and Daddy a lot -- that always makes you feel better! :-)