Monday, December 8, 2008


It was probably the roughest night I've had yet. I'm sick, I hadn't slept much all day after traveling from Virginia to Texas, everything was different, and I finally hit my breaking point. (but I waited until after birthmommy Megan left because I had to make a good impression!) :) It took numerous attempts and sleeping with Mommy or Daddy at different times to finally get down to sleep for the night.

But after a good night's rest, I'm mostly back to my usual self now except I just don't know what to think about Pop's two doggies, Kate & Ollie. (yesterday they terrified me, and today I've become pretty interested in watching their every move--pictured above-- as long as they don't bark!)

What, Kate? What's that you say?

Well, okay... I guess I like you, too...
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  1. It's ok Caroline...doggies are cute and fun...Leah already says woof woof to Lucy...or something like woof woof! And your house is ok. We rode by today and we'll keep a watch on it for your mommy and daddy while you're in the big state of Texas. Have fun!

  2. That is SO hard! To have a sick little one when you are traveling -- we've done it many times. We had a similar night here last night -- E ended up sleeping with me in our guest room -- and guess what the doc told us this morning? She has an ear infection. Yuck! Hang in there, Mom!