Tuesday, December 30, 2008

top ten funniest blog posts 2008...

Throughout the year, we at crazyforcaroline have done our best to provide you, our faithful readers, with some truly "noteworthy" stories... :) And hopefully at least one or two of these gave you a chuckle along the way. So here goes...

Top Ten Funniest Blog Posts 2008

10. Poop Scare.
(again, you can click on any of these to go back to the original post) It was my first month of life, and Mommy had no idea what she was getting into! :)

9. 4 1/2 hour roadtrip survival guide. For any of you currently with or expecting babies, THIS is the one-stop post for ALL of your traveling advice...

8. Ode to My Incoming Tooth. You never knew that something as trivial as teething could provide such beautiful poetry...

7. Spanky. This one may not be all that funny to many of you, but to Mommy & Daddy, it's still one of their favorites.

6. How to Kill a Moose. You never know when this information could come in handy. It might even save your life. (you know, all those times you encounter dangerous wild moose attacks...)

5. Love at First Sight. I don't know why you all find this so funny, because I'm still hoping Christopher will give me a call.

4. Deep and Wide. Because if this one doesn't make you at least smile, there's something wrong with you. :)

3. RIP. This was the triggering event which started an era of appliance "serial-killing" in our family...

2. Obituary. Who can EVER forget the long-lasting legacy of Ms. Hotpoint?

And here it is.... you've asked for it & you know you want to see my moves again.... the #1 funniest blog post of 2008 WAS... (drum roll please)...

1. DISCO FEVER!!! (please note: this video won't work after Jan. 15th)

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  1. I don't know how I missed the Disco Fever post the first time! That is too funny!

  2. I'm wondering how Covenant Eyes scores it when you google "poop." Lol!