Wednesday, December 31, 2008

top ten best dresses of 2008...

Here's our final "best of 2008" post...

Well, half the fun of being a baby girl is all the dresses you get to wear! And boy, have I sported some dresses this year, thanks to many of you! So let's take a look back and let the fashion show begin!

Top Ten Best Dresses of 2008

10. My funky summer dress.
You gotta admit, the pink flip flops really finished the look. :)

9. My fish dress.

8. Mommy's dress from when SHE was a baby girl.

7. My tea-party dress.

6. My vegetable dress.

5. My beach dress.

4. My Christmas dress.

3. My Easter dress.

2. My Gotcha Day dress.

And the #1 dress of 2008 was....

1. My baptism dress.

Which one was YOUR favorite dress?


  1. The one we gave her, of course, with cap and all. We love all of them. We love you all.

    Love Ya,

    Nanny & Papa

  2. I loved Gotcha dress, but I vote for all. That smile adorns the dresses. Great Grandma Barnett