Thursday, December 25, 2008

an eventful ending...

One of the greatest things about this Christmas is how much our family has expanded! Not only am I new around here, but my Uncle Johnny & Aunt Mimi are fostering five precious children that we have fallen in love with!

Well, they were great- they loved feeding me and playing with me, but you know, after such a chaotic day without ANY sleep, lots of activity and lots of yummy food, I literally "lost it" for the first time ever. Yep- you read it right. At my late afternoon snack, I started choking on a goldfish cracker (which is normal for me), but then my face turned bright red & Mommy knew something was just NOT right. (not normal) She took me out of the chair and just as she held me close, I threw up EVERYTHING in my belly all over her and everything around me.

So Mommy had a Merry Christmas cleaning up my puke...

Cousin Follin wanted it to be known that while others in the family might have been repulsed by the disgusting ordeal, she stuck around to help and wiped up much of my vomit. Now THAT is love. :)

And that's our conclusion to a wonderful first Christmas 2008!!! See you next year!
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  1. Did you ever think you could find such true joy cleaning up your child's puke?! :-)

  2. Yuke! I have not had to experience that one yet. It looks like you pulled through okay. : )