Thursday, January 1, 2009

dancing into the new year...

Happy New Year, everybody! What better way to start off 2009 than with a little dancing? (I mean, I realize that nothing will ever top my "Disco Fever" moves, but well... let me let you in on a little secret... that wasn't actually REAL. Yes, I'm serious. I hope I didn't just disappoint any of you who thought otherwise, but the truth is I'm still working on getting up on two legs...) :)

So here are my REAL, honest to goodness dance moves! (if you watch closely, there's some awesome choreography in here) Hope 2009 is a great one for you!


  1. SOOO Cute!!! Look at her boogie. :)

  2. Time for her own music video. :)

    So energetic! What do you feed this kid? haha

  3. She's gotten so big since I last saw her. Next thing you know she'll be dancing at the ballet.

    Oh, and to continue the trend... :)