Friday, January 16, 2009

williamsburg in the winter...

Well, as part of our "embracing Virginia" resolution this year, we've made a quick trip over to Colonial Williamsburg this weekend! Daddy has presbytery meetings & is preaching in Norfolk on Sunday, so Mommy & I came along for the ride! And like most of you tonight, we are FREEZING COLD! Apparently Williamsburg just isn't the place to be in the dead of winter. (the coldest weekend of the year so far!)

AND, not to mention, traveling with me has become QUITE the ordeal now. Between loading up food, books, toys, stroller, pack-n-play, etc., it is not easy to leave the house, you guys. I mean, our little car is packed down just for TWO DAYS! It's crazy! So to all of you expecting parents, travel while we're little bitty! Oh for the days of just taking formula, bottles, and diapers!

But it's okay because I'm having a BLAST in our hotel room! (okay, gotta brag on Daddy with his ability to find bargains-- $45 on at the Crowne Plaza, PLUS they bumped our family up to an entire SUITE with a living room, separate bedroom, & kitchen! Thank you, God! Should priceline pay US for advertising for them, I wonder?!)

After traveling, I feel SO much better with a good bath.

Ahhh, it's nice to live luxuriously sometimes...

p.s. Fact #2: the official dance of Virginia... square dancing! (so swing your partner & do-si-do!) :)
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  1. UH-OH....did you go visit Great Aunt Linda????? If not...

    another hit....staying in Williamsburg is FREE when you visit her :) No pool...but the food is preeemooo....

  2. I really love the last picture.....


  3. Won't be long until you need a bigger car! ;-)