Saturday, January 3, 2009

fresh air...

This afternoon our family took a quick hike! I just layed back in our jogging stroller and enjoyed the bumpy ride!

Several years ago, Liberty University decided to take one of the mountains here and destroy it, uh, er, I mean, "monogram" it with their initials. ;-) (from what we've heard, this move didn't make too many friends among the locals here) But anyways, at the top of the monogram (which is made out of rocks & some bushes) is a gazebo where we went today.

We're standing at the top of the monogram here. Not a bad view for being the "ugliest" time of the year here, huh? (because even without leaves on the trees, this place is still beautiful!)

I loved being outside and getting some fresh air...

Aahhhh... this is the life.
*P.S. from Mommy: Like many other babies her age, Caroline has just started to wake up in the night crying & she's having a really hard time settling herself back down if one of us doesn't come into her room. (sometimes it's been teething/illness, but now it seems like it's become more about wanting some attention in the middle of the night, you know?) So just pray that Marc & I will know when to GO IN and when GOING IN makes it worse. Thanks!
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  1. Waking up in the middle of the night seems to be going around! Leah did that about 2 weeks ago several nights...It's no fun! I did go it and get her because I can't handle her crying like makes me cry! So far though she's doing ok and back to her usual routine!