Wednesday, January 7, 2009

holy molar-y...

Hello? Anybody out there? So I've got some kind of cold AGAIN (runny nose & lots of "gunk"), PLUS I'm getting the last of my one year molars! Good grief! When does it ever quit?

You should see my poor little gum all swollen. Come on, molar #4! (I refuse to let it get the best of me.)

Rebecca, Mommy thinks you might be right about all my recent night wakings being a result of these new molars! It's been rough at nighttime.

But hey, no pain, no gain. Right?
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  1. Or, nothing dentured, nothing gained.

  2. Very funny Dr. Dave :) Hopefully she'll be over all of it soon! At least once it's over it's over!

  3. Leah's RSV is positive. Dr Mutch said it been going around lately. So if she's still coughing quite a bit take her in. Not much to do but symptom control but it can get pretty bad. Leah had a rough morning. But now we're ok!

  4. This "old Mommy" says, "a little dose of Motrin before bed does wonders if she has achy gums." Think about it...if you have achy gums...don't you take a dose of Motrin before bed so you rest better?

    AND there are over 200 rhino-viruses (sp?)...she's got to get them all b/f she's immune to them... better to have them now then to get them in kindergarten!