Thursday, January 22, 2009

workin' on walkin'...

My Nanny & Papa came up from South Carolina today to see me!

And the first thing Nanny wanted to do was help me work on my walking!

(maybe it's mean of Mommy, but she hasn't worked with me one bit on my walking. I think Mommy knows she'll have the rest of my life to chase after me, so she hasn't been in any hurry to get to that stage!)

So Nanny & I practiced for awhile...

and would you believe that I was walking perfectly holding onto one hand?!?
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  1. Ha! I'm like that too - totally discouraging walking.

    :) It looks like your flash is working well, too!!

    Hey - now that you have an external flash, check out making your own studio shots - - they have some shots that show their set up. All they have is a sheet and an external flash.