Tuesday, January 20, 2009

inaugural lunch...

I had a special lunch date with Mommy in the living room today. :)

We watched the inauguration together and I was mesmerized. When the people on the tv clapped, I clapped, too!

I'm not even a year old yet & already on my 2nd president!

I got to witness history! Can't believe I'll be almost 5 yrs. old the next time around!
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  1. Obama is the 12th president in my lifetime. When I lived in Washington, DC during Truman's administration, blacks couldn't go to school with whites or eat at the same restaurants. So it was a historic day to see a black man take the oath (well almost take the oath) of President. But those who watch 24 know we've had a black president a long time ago ;-)

  2. We watched it too...of course Leah was nursing then but it was on!