Saturday, January 3, 2009

a real page-turner...

Mamie, you'll be especially happy to know that I am a major bookworm now! (since you beefed up my library before I was even born!) Whether it's day or night...

Whether I'm dressed or not...

my FAVORITE thing to do is to ransack my room with all my books! I take 'em out of baskets and pull 'em off the shelves one-by-one until they are scattered EVERYWHERE. I LOVE it! And when Mommy & Daddy read with me, it's my job to turn the pages or lift the flaps.

See ya later... I've got some reading to catch up on...
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  1. Books are definitely good for the girl.

  2. E still loves to do this, and still adores books and the library. As a bookworm Mommy, I love it that SHE loves it! Read on, Caroline!

  3. Jill C. (formerly "Church Jill")January 3, 2009 at 1:58 PM

    I agree. You really can't have too many books. (By the way, the book, "Honey for a Child's Heart" has some great recommended reading for each age level. Check it out if you don't already have it!)

  4. She is starting off right! It's great that she has so many!! :)

  5. Thanks, Church Jill, for the recommendation! I just purchased it!