Wednesday, January 28, 2009

watch out, smoltz...

With another day of ice outside today, it was time for more indoor activities. (would you believe on top of all this teething, I've now come down with yet ANOTHER runny nose/cold-thing. Geez, we are ready for winter to end!) But all of that didn't stop Mommy & me from playing some ball together today. I'm learning how to roll it and throw it!

Mommy is impressed that I know to look for the ball when it rolls under the couch now.

(she even caught me taking a brave step or two during our game!!)

Eat your heart out, John Smoltz!
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  1. What great action shot skills on that last one! Did Marc teach her that grip? She looks like a pro! :)

  2. I remember being so impressed with "object permanance" when I leared about it in nursing school, meaning babies still remember objects even if they don't see them. I didn't even realize that was a skill babies developed!