Monday, January 26, 2009

teething round... 12?...

I've lost count at this point. All I know is that my mouth is hurting AGAIN. Sometimes it seems like Mommy & Daddy are keeping the makers of Baby Ibuprofin in business! Oh, when does it end?!?

But through it all, I'm still smiling, especially when Mommy really starts cracking me up...

or when Daddy holds me in his arms and dances with me. (now that Daddy's back at work all day, I go CRAZY when he gets home!)

Speaking of teeth, Mommy, let's have a look...
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  1. Ouch! I hope Caroline feels better really soon! Isn't it so funny how when Dada is gone all day and he walks in the door Little Girls go crazy and demand to be picked up by their Dada? And I'm glad Leah isn't the only one who like to check teeth...I say she'll be a dentist! Anyway, feel better soon Caroline!

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  3. Poor Caroline! The teething seems continuous but doesn't seem to keep her from smiling through the pain.