Friday, January 9, 2009

no parents allowed...

Well, it's like Christmas all over again! I got another gift in the mail today! This one was from my Auntie Jill.

It's a baby jail! I mean, a baby gate! (And no, silly, we don't plan on keeping it in the middle of our living room- this was just another test run.) What's cool about this is that each of the sides can unhook and bend around, so you can contort it into different shapes and use it practically anywhere. It can go outside in the yard, too!

This is MY special place! No parents allowed!

Speaking of baby jail... Mommy, I'm breaking free!
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  1. We never had one of these, but it always seemed like such a cool idea to me, especially to use outside!!!

  2. We are ready to break out of jail and come see our granddaughter. When can that be? I miss her and ya'll of course.

    Love Ya,

    Nanny & Papa

  3. I'm glad she likes it! Hopefully it can give YOU a little freedom while she is stuck in jail! Ha! Miss ya and love ya!
    Auntie Jill