Tuesday, January 6, 2009

beginning of the bow...

Just for fun, today Mommy tested my hair to see if it was finally thick enough to hold a bow! And as you can see, this might be the start of a new era for me...

How do I look? I'm wearing my first bow!

Yes! Maybe people will finally stop thinking I'm a boy!
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  1. She looks like a sweet cute, beautiful little girl, even without the bow. But we love the bow.

    Love ya,

    Nanny & Papa

  2. It's cute. I wonder if it will be like socks...a hopeless cause of trying to keep it on! Ha ha!

  3. Once you start with bows, you'll never go back! Now, E insists on a matching bow or ponytail holder for each outfit - which I love. It's hilarious! Before her hair was thick enough for bows, I did the little headbands, which she - amazingly - left on her head. E's hair is still thin, so I use the tiny hair elastics to hold her hair together under a clippie bow - works great and she doesn't pull them out! -- By the way, what is up with people thinking girls are boys - especially when they are wearing PINK!?!?!?! Duh! :-)

  4. Way to grow that hair baby. I hope your teeth feel better very soon!