Sunday, January 4, 2009

for megan...

I believe this is the last outfit I have to model for you, birthmommy Megan, out of all the cute outfits you gave me over Christmas! Cute, huh? (except for the runny nose part...woke up today with that one again...)

Mommy didn't think breakdancing was the best way to show off the outfit, but I begged to differ...

Nor did she ask me to pick up the trashcan during my "photo shoot," but I thought it would capture my strength, yet femininity, ya know? ;-)

But you still get the picture, right? Thanks for keeping me all dolled up!
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  1. praying for wisdom for you guys at night.....heard you were up closer to us today. Hope it went well.

  2. Caroline you look so cute! Sorry Leah didn't get to go with you to church on Sunday. I saw you guys loading up for church when I drove by at 8:20...almost 45 minutes later than I usually drive by. We'll all hope for next Sunday. Want to go for a walk with us one day if it stays nice and warm?

  3. She's getting so big and "growny". That's a word my Mom used to use. The outfit is so cute.

    Love Ya all,

    Nanny & Papa