Saturday, January 31, 2009

potential career paths...

vanna white or pizza delivery girl.




college student. (ha ha!)

??? (now it's your turn- give me some ideas for this one & we'll pick a winner...)
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  1. I LOVE this post!!OK...don't get mad, but the first thing I thought of for the last picture was jailbird!! Maybe she could be a a zookeeper. That's not as...illegal!

  2. Security guard or home security system installer?

  3. I have to protest, the college student tag is so not representative of us college, I've got absolutely no idea for the last picture...home security system installer sounds good though

  4. I vote for whatever you want to be Caroline! Just be sweet now! Well Amy, great Mommy's think alike...I have the brochure all ready in the stroller to bring to your house about Baby garten. You guys weren't home when Leah Kay and I were walking and going to bring it by. Soooo, we are already registered and planning to go. So YES! We'll be there! Hey, free, fun and educational...sounds good to us! We need to get together soon!!!

  5. HA! This was great! Adam and I cracked up! My first thought was "jailbird" but someone beat me to that about "CAGE WRESTLER!" How funny!

  6. okay, i won't say who, but someone emailed me & added another one... "desperate housewife"! ha! Keep 'em coming-- you guys are cracking us up!

  7. Go-Go Girl!!!

    Nanny & Papa

  8. Why...she's protecting all of the gold at Fort Knox, of course!

  9. Pole dancer! ;-) Just kidding!! LOL!

  10. Alright, just in case any of you were wondering... after many grueling hours, (not really!) we have picked a winner!

    But first, we MUST say what an awesome job you guys did-- our blog readers are SO creative! We were cracking up at each one, but the winner is...... jailbird!!!

    Now I really hope I don't need to mention that this is NOT the career path that we, as loving parents, are hoping for. :)

    Great job, everybody!