Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Did you know that Appomattox (where the Civil War ended) is only 30 minutes away from my house in Virginia? (yes, at 5 1/2 months old, I'm already a history buff...) Here our family is sitting directly in front of the room where General Lee surrendered to General Grant & reunited our country! We'd also like to thank the lady standing in the green shirt for ruining our photo... :)

Here's Pop & Mamie standing at the back of the house where it happened. (it was in the room directly above their heads)

Me & Mommy staying cool in the shade...

I sure am glad that I wasn't born back then! How would I have lived without my wipes warmer, my vibrating musical bouncy seat, & my Baby Einstein videos? And how would Mommy be able to blog my every move? ;-)
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  1. As a history nut, I'm very familiar with the site! I can't wait to come out there and see it myself one day. (Here I'll spare Caroline, history buff or not!, my rant about how the latter part of the American Civil War prefigured World War I, which is probably my "favorite" part of history.) OK, even though she's asleep, I can just hear Cheryl telling me I'm a nerd who's totally missing the point of this blog entry, so I'm going to wrap this up!

    Incidentally, my eye has just now finally gotten better; thus, I hope to be updating our blog soon!

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  3. I had to delete the first comment I left because I misspelled Mamie as Maimie, which would mean she maims people or something.
    Anyway,what I said was, that contrary to what some may think, Mamie and I were not present at the original event.