Sunday, August 10, 2008

catch up...

Hey guys! Let me catch you up on all that's going on! First of all, my THIRD tooth is coming in. And surprise! It's not a top middle tooth- it's the top tooth to the right of the middle teeth. Boy, is it sharp & hurting me. Last night I woke up crying every 2-3 hours...

Even bathtime, which I usually LOVE, isn't as fun when your little mouth hurts.

Look who came to visit me! Alyssa was in Mommy & Daddy's RUF group at Texas Tech (she'll be a junior there this year), but she was studying abroad in Spain while I was born last semester. SO, she saved up her money & flew out here today to visit us all week! (and she's already changed a poopy diaper on her first day here, so I KNOW she loves me...) :)
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  1. Love the 2nd bath picture!

  2. What a precious site!!
    By the way, Marc and Amy, I check up on Caroline's progress regularly!