Friday, August 8, 2008

new camera!

Mommy got an early Christmas gift today from Daddy! She had been having all kinds of problems with her other camera, and well, if you didn't notice, taking pictures of me has become an addiction.. uh, I mean, a hobby... for her, so Daddy got her the real thing... a Nikon SLR D60. Just thought we'd show you a few of our first batch of pics!

Not bad for knowing nothing about how to use the thing yet, huh?

Wow! Feet!

So be prepared for even better pictures! AND, be prepared for my top tooth to come in-- as of today, Mommy & Daddy can feel something sharp up there! (oh, and Happy Birthday, Nanny!)
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  1. WOW!! GREAT pics! There's nothing like a new camera.

  2. Great pictures. Have fun with the camera!