Sunday, August 24, 2008


My 4th tooth is here, guys! Still no top front teeth. Nope, it's the fang tooth on the other side, so Mamie said I'll be ready for Halloween with 2 fang teeth up top & 2 bottom teeth! ha!

I'm starting to use a sippy/trainer cup to drink my formula sometimes!

Remember Mommy making the green beans the other day & putting them in the ice cube trays? Well, here they are! When it's time to eat them, Mommy can just pop out a cube & heat it up!

Mommy's longtime friend, Cathy, was in Richmond for a conference last week, and we were happy she drove over to Lynchburg & spent a night with us! God has been so good to bring us so many family & friends to visit over the last month as we're still trying to adjust to a new place & struggle with loneliness at times.
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  1. Vincent is not a fan of the green beans or the sippy cup for that matter. It looks like Caroline is okay with all the new things.

    Vincent will now eat 8-12 cubes at each meal! Caroline will be eat that much before you know it.